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This is a simple guide to commissioning or purchasing some of my art work, wether you are a first time art buyer or a seasoned art collector I hope this guide helps you to work out how you can own some of my own work for yourself.

What are you looking for?

I work in four different sections which all have definite crossovers but understanding this first will help me to get an idea of what you are looking for. These include....

Digital Poster: A digital commission, personalised work created across procreate and adobe software

Paintings: Commissioning a specific painting from an image or purchasing one of my ready-made paintings, I paint in Oil, Gouache and occasionally acrylic.

Events: This could be a series of images of solo images for events such as fairs, wedding invites, online platform events, etc.

Prints: These are digitally printed copies of existing pieces of work I own, these can be brought across my Etsy account 

A great way of getting an idea of what I can produce is having a look at my projects section.


How much does a piece of work cost?

This depends on a few things, format, size, medium, time taken to produce and purpose you will be using the artwork for. If you are wanting a print, please have a look at my Etsy site, but if you would like to commission work please get in touch with me including the details listed above.

How long will it take?
This depends greatly on the conditions above but I always appreciate more time to make sure you are getting exactly what you are happy with.

Can I send you a photo to paint from?
Yes! a lot of my commissions are done this way.

Do you do portraits?
Referring back to my project section of this site will give you examples of illustrated character portraits I have made before, but I am currently not producing hand-painted portraits.

Are you doing wedding invites?
Yes! I have currently small experience in this area but would love to expand and continue to illustrate here, I am currently working on a larger portfolio of possibilities of wedding-specific stationery to show but in the meantime would love to chat if you are interested.

For further enquiries into commissions or additional questions please get in contact at where I would love to arrange a call or continue an emailed conversation, many thanks.


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