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Juliet is an illustrator, painter and creative designer. She graduated from from The Arts University Bournemouth with a BA Illustration (Hons) degree in 2021, starting a communications internship and progressing into the role of a broadly specialised role as Communications Manager, working across social content creation, graphics design, marketing and more. Juliet currently works in free-lance as well as volunteering for various charities during her time in Rio De Janeiro in social outreach. ( She will be returning to the UK in March ) Juliet has skills across content creation, social media management, photography and the creative side of the charity. As a free lance artist she is known for her use of bright colours, textured brush strokes, and layering digital with gouache paint. Using illustrative wording and typography has also become a key focus for Juliet's work, building short narratives and exploring the connection between image and word. 

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